Dog walker and pet sitter serving Harwich, MA and surrounding communities.

Jeffpet proudly serves the lower Cape Cod communities of Harwich, Chatham, Orleans, Dennis and Brewster. We are insured, licensed and bonded animal lovers who you can trust to take great care with your pets. Excellent references available. A happy pet guaranteed, or your money back.

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dog walking service

    Problems relating to excessive barking, destructiveness, frustration, anxiety, fearfulness, inappropriate elimination, obsessive-compulsive disorder, separation anxiety and aggression can often be eliminated by meeting your dog's essential daily requirement of exercise and socialization.

    Payton and Gia (background) enjoy the pond at Nickerson Park in Brewster.

    You will be amazed by how this can improve the quality of your life by transforming your pet into a much more relaxed and satisfied companion.

    one-hour walk

    Your best friend will get plenty of vigorous exercise and returned home a pooped and happy pooch! We'll take your pet to the beach, ponds, park, conservation areas, etc. in our air conditioned vehicle for a minimum one-hour of running, playing and swimming.

    For high-energy breeds this option is an attractive alternative to boring indoor doggy daycare centers. With travel time, your pet will be out of the house for two+ hours. Pick up and return is always included.

    • One dog ($25)
    • Two dogs ($30)


    Elizabeth's daycare service will keep your dog entertained, safe and happy while you are at work. Important note: daycare includes pick-up and return plus a daily car trip to a conservation area for a minimum one-hour walk in the great outdoors. You won't find this anywhere else.

      Elizabeth on a hike in the woods with Bear, Reeses, Frosty and Ben.

      Daycare is the perfect way for your dog to develop proper social skills via interaction with a large variety of interesting people, places and pets. After a short time you will experience an improved quality of life as your dog slowly transforms into a much more relaxed and satisfied companion having had his/her exercise and socialization requirements met to thier complete satisfaction.

      Our service is not a warehouse storage facility. We care for a maximum of five dogs per day so that each receives the proper attention and supervision. Guest dogs are personally attended to by Jeff and Elizabeth and are never bored, alone or lonely.

    • One dog ($29 per day)
    • Two dogs ($36 per day)



    Finding someone you trust to care for your pet while away often resembles the search for the Holy Grail. We can offer a safe and secure alternative to prison-like kennels with a top priority being to make sure that your pet remains healthy and happy so that you can relax and enjoy your vacation.

    Tarzan the Goldendoodle stays with Jeff and Elizabeth over the holidays, 2012.

    Jeffpet boards no more than a few pampered pets at a time in our private residence, so please be sure to reserve space as much in advance as possible. We use no cages, unless by your request, and all pets are treated as our own.

    Dogs have full access to the first floor as well as a fenced-in back yard, while cats enjoy exclusive use of the second floor with plenty of climbing trees, perches and hiding places to keep them well entertained.

    Customers need only bring their collar with identification, leash and food. We have comfortable bedding ready at all times, as well as toys and treats.

    Note: Please help us to maintain a completely flea and tick-free environment by making sure that your pet is on Advantix, Frontline or something similar prior to arrival.

    dog boarding:

    • Calm dog ($25/night)
    • Problem dog ($30+/night)

      cat boarding:

      • One cat ($10/night)
      • Two cats ($15/night)


pet sitting

    We offer 'in-your-home' sitting for pets with special needs or behavioral issues, or for pets who just prefer to be at home. This involves moving into or visiting your home and carefully following any and all of your detailed instructions.

    The rates for this service are negotiable and obviously based on the time and effort involved. Please inquire.



    Private training is one-on-one and designed to take place while you're at work. YOU set the schedule. No brow beating, humiliation or any other harsh measures are used. After your dog has been trained we'll teach you how to maintain the training.

      Jeff with Border Collie Sue on a training session in Hawksnest State Park.

      walk and train program

      This program combines exercise with socialization and training and is for dogs over six months of age.

      Your pet will be vigorously exercised in areas where he will encounter and interact with a large variety of other dogs. The mental and physical stimulation will increase your pet's balance and confidence enabling him to better absorb the running course in basic and advanced obedience.

      Your student dog will receive the full attention of Jeff or Elizabeth. This is not a group "class" but rather an advanced training regiment for one dog perfected over decades and designed for lasting results.

      puppy socialization and training

      The primary and most important time for puppy socialization is the first three months of life. Incomplete or improper socialization during this important time can virtually guarantee behavioral problems later in life including fear and aggression. Jeff will introduce your puppy to as many new people, animals, stimuli and environments as can be achieved safely and without causing overstimulation manifested as excessive fear, withdrawal or avoidance behavior. Jeff will include light basic obedience training, acclimation to grooming equipment, and a complimentary first professional grooming.

      (Puppies should receive a minimum of one set of vaccines at least 7 days prior and a first deworming. They must be kept up-to-date on vaccines throughout the program.)

    frisbee and tricks

    Your dog will be taught how to catch and retrieve a Softbite Frisbee. Then we'll teach him to drop it at your feet and lie down to wait for the next throw. In-between throws, your pooch will learn a repertoire of fun tricks like 'high five' and 'play dead'. This program takes place at Hawksnest Conservation Reserve and was designed for the attentive, clever, energenic dog - and for owners who want their best friend to have a blast while being trained!



What impresses me about Jeffpet is that you almost always get more than you pay for. They really care about my dog and try to do as much as possible."
—Phyllis Jones, BUYER'S BROKER, Harwich, Massachusetts

What I like about Jeffpet is that the owner oversees all of the work. You don't get sub-contractors or kids taking care of your pet. Best of all, Jeffpet allowed my son to help whenever he was available, which did save us money."
—Tim Reynolds, RETIRED, Dennis, Massachusetts

Jeff, Elizabeth and Phyllis did excellent work training our Welsh Corgi to behave around other dogs, even though "experts" said she was beyond all hope. Jeff was confident it could be accomplished, and he was correct. I highly recommend them for any pet service."
—Kevin Fitzgerald, RESTAURATEUR, Yarmouth, Massachusetts

We were reluctant to hire anyone to take care of our beloved double yellow-headed Amazon parrot, however, after discussing with JP, and moving forward with the idea, we could not be happier with the outcome! In hindsight, I am very glad we did not leave our bird with inexperienced relatives."
—Marc & Jo Kilberg, RETIRED, Brewster, Massachusetts

We had Phyllis pick up our cat for a two-week stay. JP was obviously good to our cat because he was slimmed down with much better muscle tone than before ~ something that was very noticable. I guess he wasn't getting enough exercise at home. We have since put together things for him to climb on."
—Robert & Lisa Cook, RETAILERS, Yarmouth, Massachusetts

Jeff has given my two dogs a midday walk every week day while I'm at work for about three years now. He keeps them out for a good hour, and they are so much more relaxed and well-behaved for me when I get home. He has never failed to show up and the dogs love him!"
—Sandra LeBesche, ARCHITECT, Chatham, Massachusetts

Elizabeth gave us excellent in-house consultation on how to train and care for our African Grey Parrot, Sonny. The new routine and set-up eliminated feather plucking. The feathers soon grew back and Sonny now has a beautiful appearance once again."
—Cynthia Hummer, OFFICE MANAGER, Dennis, Massachusetts

Our Border Collie, Clare, was very old with arthritis and kidney disease. Jeffpet was the only service willing to care for her when we had to travel to a seminar. She was very well cared for. We were very appreciative. Thank you, Jeff."
—Andrea & Tim Condon, TEACHERS, Harwich, Massachusetts


'pikea' at crosby beach

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